oh she w a n t s me // oh she g o t me // oh she h u r t s me
April 24th  kriseu

Overdose x Mr Mr (AU) - Twelve young boys woke up with the clear set of mind that they have been drugged. Some feel numb, some begin to feel the paranoia controlling their brains, some have began to see images of themselves alive and speaking, and eventually they all knew they would lose their minds. They have to escape the maze before ‘they’ arrive to drug them to their deaths.

April 24th  
April 24th  chenlu
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April 24th  lulu
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April 24th  exo

Reasons to love Yixing:
↳ he looks amazing in every hair style

April 24th  chips i agree!!!
April 24th  kriseu
April 24th  chips